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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Melissa Walter / Eternal Paper / Peg and Awl

Texas artist Melissa Walter creates jewellery with paper — and I don't mean she buys a ream of Staples multipurpose bright white. In her words:

"Handmade abaca paper allows me to layer materials into the paper as it is created. The transparency of the paper, materials such as thread, graphite, matches, and wood embedded or once embedded, and how the materials react during the papermaking process all enriches the surface. The abaca paper along with the embedded materials is the starting point for the process of responding to the materials while making."

Bonus link:

Lots more paper, like this "bookworm" ring, from Germany's Eternal Paper (Christine Rozina).

Also admiring:

Miniature book necklaces from Pennsylvania's Peg and Awl.