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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mint Kaewkoon / Finchittida Finch / Pilantha / Yuri Oiwa

SCAD student Mint Kaewkoon may be far from her native Thailand but Thailand isn't far from her mind — or work. This ring, for instance, is based on elements from both Thai and American family rings, and incorporates her last name into the design. Also check her site for the "On My Way Home" ring, based on the streets of Bangkok.

I'm also loving the designs of London's Finchittida Finch (identical twins Tida & Lisa Finch), inspired by Lao culture.

Bonus link:

For more jewellery with a heavy Thai influence, see Bangkok's Pilantha (Chutapat Wittaya).

Also admiring:

This "baby's tears" series of earrings by Japan's Yuri Oiwa.