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Friday, November 27, 2009

Vicolo Pagliacorta / Third Project

Have you heard about the Eggo Waffle shortage? This fascinates me. Not the shortage — I don't eat them — but the article itself (written by anonymous "Staff," so I don't feel too guilty), from the apostrophes in "Eggos" (once extraneous, once missing) to the misspelling of the Kellogg's brand name to the enlightening line, "You stick them in the toaster, then pour syrup on them (some people also add butter)." And then there's the small matter of the headline, in which it is suggested that people "Lego" their Eggos. Lego? Leggo is the neologism which plays on the double-G in "Eggo." Lego is what Italy's Vicolo Pagliacorta uses to make these playful rings.

They also make Italian-flavoured keyboard rings.

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