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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Verena Klette (Renitent/Ringen) / Anna Martinsson / Andrea Fielitz / Andrea Zatarai

It is, last I checked, 2009. Yesterday's flower child is now in her 60s. Are we not yet at a point in time where we can kill the phrase, "not your grandmother's pearls"? Because I think these could be your grandmother's pearls, especially if your grandmother has a birthday coming up.

Above: German jeweller Verena Klette of Renitent keeps her pearl rings light but sturdy with the use of capped wire.

Pink pearls and eroded bands from Sweden's Anna Martinsson.

Pearls and matte silver from Germany's Andrea Fielitz.

A burst of pearls from Massachusetts' Andrea Zatarai, whose one-of-a-kind pendants should not be missed!

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