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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random bookmark pluckings...

It's that time again: random-pluckings-from-my-bookmarks o'clock.

Above: red plastic rings from Czech artist Pavel Herynek (left) and Chile's Francisca Duarte of Xperimenta.

Interesting settings from Finland's Stephan Maroschek (left) and Australia's Peta Kruger.

Hearts (blooming) by Belgium's Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver and hearts (nesting) by Switzerland's Susanne Holzinger.

Quirky fun by Belén Bajo (left) and Daniel Vior, both of Spain.

Teacups by Dutch studio XS-M-L (left) and Russia's Anna Raygorodskaya.

Crushed metal by New York's Ippolita (left) and Dorothée Rosen of Halifax.

Killer cats from Italy's Gianni Bulgari of Enigma (left) and Austin's Anne Kiel.

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