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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leslie Maja Pötz / Sophie Lunøe / Núria Saloni / Lattis Design / Yasmin Bochi / Marine de Diesbach

It's spring. It should be warm. Instead, the chilly air has got me thinking of snowmen. In spring. When it should be warm. Above, snowman-shaped rings by Germany's Leslie Maja Pötz (top), Denmark's Sophie Lunøe (middle), Spain's Núria Saloni (bottom right) and Seattle jeweller Gina Pankowski of Lattis Design.

You know what else are snowman-shaped? Matryoshkas. Even ones that look to be frozen in ice. In spring. When it should be warm:

Above: Matryoshka rings by Belgium's Yasmin Bochi (left, in clear resin) and Marine de Diesbach of Paris (who has a large collection of vintage and art deco style jewellery).

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