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Friday, March 07, 2008

Ashley Vick and ... many others

These sea urchin rings look like they belong in Blade Runner (you know, in that famous sea urchin scene). Patinated bronze and silver give a worn, industrial look to these organic forms by Rhode Island metalsmith Ashley Vick. Also shown are pieces from her yarn series; the rings are mixtures of yarn, clay, wax, silver and copper.

Above, by contrast, some clean, achromatic, layered bands.

» Top row (L-R): "strata" band by Welsh jeweller Mari Thomas and "octave" rings by Germany's Marion Knorr.

» Middle row (L-R): "cold outside/warm inside" rings by the Netherlands' Martine Viergever, telescoping "leek ring" from Rotterdam's Levensringen (whose rings all contain plant seeds) and gold and silver "continue" rings by France's Florence Croisier.

» Bottom row (L-R): "stringrings" by Silke Spitzer and circular and square bands by Aninka Harms, both of Germany.

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