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Friday, March 07, 2014

Mellon Collective: Heather Roblin / Liane Vaz / Jocelyn Kaldeway / Adelle Dubblestyne / Cheyenne Twiner / ML Designs / Victor Mok

Two weeks ago, I posted a hand piece based on the Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo, and I mentioned then that I'd be posting another. You may have noticed, but, here it is. This one's by Heather Roblin, one of seven members of Ontario's Mellon Collective — and since they all do jewellery, let's turn this into another Five in a Flash Seven on the Seventh.

"Thy Fearful Symmetry" by Liane Vaz.

"Soft Floral" by Jocelyn Kaldeway, aka Edi Mae Creative Studio.

Brass rings with interchangeable tops by Adelle Dubblestyne.

Silver bands by Cheyenne Twiner, aka FeedingOnFrost.

Bee ring by ML Designs (Meg Lizabet); view images here until her site is ready.

The final member of the collective also has a site that's still under construction, so I have no ring to show, but here's an earring from Victor Mok's "Meld" collection.