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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lis2 (Anetę Lis-Marcinkiewicz and Adrianę Lisowską) / Bonnie Bling & Obscure Couture

Two's the magic number for Poland's Lis2, where a pair of Lises (Anetę Lis-Marcinkiewicz and Adrianę Lisowską) has made double-top rings featuring real amber paired with fake amber. Check out their "true & false" rings on their site or see Anetę's and Adrianę's individual portfolios.

Here's a second duo of designers with rings that come in pairs. Bonnie Bling and Obscure Couture collaborated on these knuckledusters that come in two-word/two-ring phrases such as "hard core," "man up" and, pictured above, "och aye." As you may have guessed, they're from Scotland.

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