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Friday, August 06, 2010

Francesca Stadelmayr / Hikaru Kiyonaga / Clovis Wilson-Copp / Silke Rehermann / Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoare

Time yet again for Random Pluckings from my Bookmarks, otherwise known as "here are a bunch of rings I like but which I haven't had time to write anything about, excuse the preposition at the end."

Above: perspex ring by Germany's Francesca Stadelmayr.

"Starlight Baby" resin rings by Canadian artist Hikaru Kiyonaga.

"Eye of Horse" by UK designer Clovis Wilson-Copp.

Familiar objects reimagined by Germany's Silke Rehermann.

"Gold Ring" money stamp by UK artist Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoare.

Even more jewellery:

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