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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Back from Munich and Amsterdam (Redlight Design & the Pinakothek der Moderne)

Did you see the heavens part on August 23rd? Did you hear the birds sing on August 28th? That's because I was in Munich and Amsterdam, respectively, standing mere inches from the very works of art to which I pay tribute on this here blog. I'm back from vacation but my head is still spinning from the experience of seeing such amazing rings live(!) and in person(!). Between this and the stroopwafels, it's a wonder I ever came back.

Above: yellow ring vending machine (the machine is yellow, that is — it sold red rings) located outside the galleries of Amsterdam's Redlight Design group, which consists of Ted Noten (that's his machine), Frédéric Braham, Gesine Hackenberg, Iris Nieuwenburg, Susanne Klemm and Jantje Fleischhut. You can search my site for previous posts on those designers who have websites, except for Ms. Fleischhut, whose completed site I've been awaiting for quite some time. I'm sure it will be worth the wait once it's up and running in full!

Above: shots from the jewellery room of Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne museum. This display was mind-blowing. I was like a cat on eponymous nip. Unfortunately, I was in a rush (the museum was about to close) and was unable to properly document who made what — I did photograph the legend but the picture didn't turn out. Apologies to the artists! At least I got a shot of the giant wall of names!