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Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm on Vacation!

I'm going on vacation! I'm trekking off for a couple of weeks but, to make up for the days I'm away, here's a dozen jewellers to keep you company. See you back here on September 1st!

Felt for the fingers by Illinois artist Annie Pennington.

Fused plastic bag ring by Belfast's Junkfusion.

"One, Two, Three Pumps: It's You" by Wisconsin's Sarah Holden.

"The Engineer" ring/pendant by the Justified Sinner of Scotland (Dauvit Alexander).

Recursive ring by Germany's Florian Ladstaetter.

Minimalist shapes from Paris jeweller Sebastien Parfait.

From the "bamboo" series by Italy's Elisabetta Fontana.

Coloured concrete rings by Australia's Vikki Kassioras.

"Shadow" rings by California's Lisa Medlen.

Enamel double pods by Germany's Elgin Fischer.

Guggenheim-esque spiral by Puerto Rico's Denise Elizabeth.

Flowers, fowl and fish by New York's October Anniversary.

See you when I get back!