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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

t 4 3 / The French Factory

Why is this girl about to steep her tea in an empty cup? The answer, as with all questions in life, is: rings! Look closely and you'll see the "tea bag" is actually chained to the band on her finger. The silver and enamel ring is part of the "Tea" series by Nana Akashi which, alongside "Art" by Szufen Huang and "Scent" by Serene Wong, make up a gorgeous collection of tea-inspired jewellery. The Singapore trio go by t 4 3 — but I like to think of them as "cha cha cha." Pictured below is just another sip of their portfolio but be sure to visit their site for more!

Above: neckpieces by Wong, left, and Huang, right.

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