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Friday, February 13, 2009

Daisy Morrison / SupaRina / Jean Christophe / Pierrette Ashcroft / Foppish

This "First Date" ring by England's Daisy Morrison is stamped with "Fly to Paris" on the inside... which sounds extravagant, until you realize they're birds, so it's not like they're buying airline tickets. If anything, it's quite the aerobic undertaking, especially if they're carrying their own luggage, and they're likely to arrive exhausted and sweaty. Birds don't sweat, you say? I would submit that there are far greater appeals to suspension of disbelief in this scenario.

Anyway, moving along...

Clockwise from top left: pink acrylic by Germany's SupaRina, loopy and floating hearts by Jean Christophe of Paris, brushed sterling by Pierrette Ashcroft (aka Brown Dog Designs) of Washington, DC, and 18k "love" ring with diamond by Japan's Foppish. Enjoy your weekend!

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