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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving Day! (and 22 random bookmark pluckings)

I won't be posting again until Monday (assuming my move goes smoothly!). In the meantime, here are 22 random pluckings from my bookmarks:

An old lady and a cat by the UK's Vicky Willmer (left) and Japan's Gimmel Garden.

Insect wing patterns by Italy's Paolo Mazzeschi (left) and Australia's Studio Schmookie (Sylvia Nevistic).

Green enamel by (L-R) Denmark's Trine Wilkens, Argentina's Jimena Rios and Trail, BC's Andes Cruz.

Lace-like metal by Kerstin Kavalirek (top) and Cilmara de Oliveira (bottom), both of Germany.

Floral bands by (clockwise from top left) Einstein of Denmark; Pashmük, Pippa Small and Alex Monroe, all from London; New York's Helen Ficalora and Mexico's Tanya Moss.

Buddhas and skulls by Germany's Rohstoff (top) and Japan's Lovecraft (bottom).

Darkened ridges by (clockwise from top left) New York's Alan Mautino, Switzerland's Elsbeth Bollag, Seattle's Jessi Taylor and Australia's Wade Taranto.

Ballchain rings by Germany's Tanja Friedrichs.

Enjoy your weekend!