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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lucy Jade Sylvester / Kristine Danielson / Shimara Carlow / Ach Ach Liebling / Phlippa Holland / Tiffany Marx

October's in full swing, which means the pomegranates should be arriving in stores any time now... assuming the current financial crisis doesn't cause the world's economy to collapse entirely, halting the food supply chain to the point where there's nothing left on the supermarket shelves but a single, dented tin of jellied beef and a party-pack of sporks. Yes. If I don't get my pomegranates, I'm coming after you, Maria Bartiromo.

In the meantime, to celebrate the season, here are some autumnal rings. Top row: acorn ring by England's Lucy Jade Sylvester; middle row: woodpecker by Michigan's Kristine Danielson, gumnut pods by Scotland's Shimara Carlow, copper leaf by San Francisco's Ach Ach Liebling; bottom row: sycamore pod (left) and pine cone (right) rings by London's Philippa Holland and pod ring (middle) by South Africa's Tiffany Marx.

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