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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daniela Schwaag / Isabella Hund / Mathilde Seguin / Meet Jewelry / Otto Jakob

Changing gears from yesterday, let's revel in some minimalism. German minimalism, to be precise. Pictured above: U-rings by Daniela Schwaag of Idar-Oberstein (Germany's gemstone capital) and pearl rings by Munich's Isabella Hund.

France just called me, feeling left out, so here's a "constellation" ring by Mathilde Seguin of Paris:

Now Portugal's emailing me with pouty emoticons. Ok, Portugal, here's some minimalist work by your Ana Albuquerque of Meet Jewelry:

All right, that's it. Rest of western Europe, I'll have to get to you some other day.

By the way, if you're interested in indie crafts, check out Indiefixx! Jen Wallace of Wilmington, NC runs a great, informative blog with weekly features such as an interview series. Thanks to Jen for inviting me to be this week's subject! (If you read the interview: for the record, I know someone who claims that egg thing DID happen to her, and with a free range egg, which is what I buy. Eep.)

Even more jewellery: