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Friday, February 01, 2008

Dubbelop / Matina Sukhahuta / Nishi NY

This titanium ring is so soothing — like looking through a window at a hilly landscape (without all the inconvenient weight of a real landscape). You can view more from Dutch jeweller Jan Matthesius and his partner Pauline Barendse at their site, Dubbelop.

The only thing that would make that view more pastoral would be the addition of a sweet deer, like this "Bambi" ring (below, left) by Thailand's Matina Sukhahuta. But if you're more the city type, check out her "Globetrotter" series, inspired by "the magnificent architecture of the world's major cities." Below, clockwise from top right: Hachiko Square, Shibuya, Tokyo; Elephant Building, Bangkok; St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow; and the Chrysler Building, New York (visit her site for more).

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