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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Orfeo Quagliata - Phuze

Picking my favourite jeweller is impossible. But picking my favourite glass jeweller? Easy. It's Orfeo Quagliata of Phuze. I first wrote about him in March 2005* when I finally picked up one of his pieces (a red "Om" ring) while on vacation in San Francisco. I've been a long-time fan so it was a pleasant shock to realize he knew of this site's existence! He let me know that his company, based in Mexico City, just re-vamped its website. It looks great and there's plenty to see, so go check it out! Don't miss the furniture and art installations, either. Pictured above: "nauty less" (left) and "chupa" rings.

* This blogger site is just a mirror of my actual blog, which I keep at You can view my March 2005 post over there in the archives.