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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I've written about skull rings before. If I wanted to, I could link to one daily and never run out — they're everywhere! I generally try to avoid repeating myself (said the girl who posts about rings every day), but let me just mention a few more interesting head bones. Pictured here is a creative variation: a skull outline in profile (did you notice at first glance?) by Adam Foster.


  • Exhibitionist's stacking skull rings, something you don't see often (he's also got tons of other skull styles at his site, which I also mentioned last October)

  • Stephen Webster's double-headed ring with black sapphire pavé and ruby eyes (see also his skull intaglio pieces)

  • Grinning skull ring at Pilgrim

  • Tiny, delicate piece by the duo famous for their Tibetan-influenced jewellery, Me & Ro (go to page 3)

  • Mexican "Day of the Dead"-style silver skull at Gringas & Co. (scroll down a bit) — I love this one

  • Blue-eyed skull at Zarigani Works