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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jennifer Flume

I have an enormous trove of links saved up but when I saw this ring, I knew it couldn't stand in line politely, waiting for its turn. It had to jump the queue and be posted. Immediately. Jennifer Flume, a Berliner who studied at the genius factory otherwise known as RISD, brings us these brilliant stacking photo rings. The concept, she explains, is "the idea of wearing our memories on our body. We all cherish memories and we often record our memories in photographs. Photographs of people, animals, places or objects. Burial ring is a series of picture rings in various shapes.... It can be worn spread displaying the pictures, or closed keeping them private." Visit her site to see her ring of family photographs; the souvenir city rings pictured here — featuring shots of NYC, London, Paris and Berlin — are available at Schenkshop for €9,50 each.